“Working with Kristian has brought me amazing results.”Carolien Mertens | Event Planner for entrepreneurs and coaches, www.carolienmertens.com


“Kristian helped me realise what the most important things are.”

“A good coach is always more effective at keeping you accountable than you can do it yourself. Kristian is such a coach: With daily checkins he helped me realise what the most important things are that I need to do on a given day and to make sure they get done — instead of procrastinating them for days because they would get lost in mundane activities.

He does this by asking the right questions first, listening attentively to your reply and giving candid feedback in a concise way. Kristian also helped me to establish tracking and review routines I’m now using to quantify my results and to coach myself. I wouldn’t want to miss our regularly very inspiring and helpful conversations!

– Julian J. Schrader, CEO at Sophisticates.de

“Kristian brought me the change I’ve been looking for years. “

“Kristian brought me the change I’ve been looking for years. His questions forces me to focus on the most important tasks every single day. I saw immense change in my productivity in two weeks. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to achieve more.”

– Soma Toth, CEO at Recart.com

“It’s okay to acknowledge our imperfections.”

“Striving for productivity is a basic instinct in Kristian. He also knows that sometimes the most difficult task is to be honest with ourselves. In his emails, Kristian isn’t afraid to tell his readers when he feels stuck along the way and through his honesty, I learned that it’s okay to acknowledge our imperfections. There’s no shame in asking for help. In fact, when you give a lot to others, the people around you will be grateful to return the favor.”

– Greta Mescsan, Managing Director at Matrix-Products Int.

“I get incredibly inspired”

“Following someone else’s progress in real time has been a key factor for me to reach my own goals. Every time I read Kristian’s summaries about his week, month or year, I get incredibly inspired to put the work in every single day.”

– Bence Borsos, Book Publisher at GuruloEgyetem.hu


“Kristian is one of the most inspiring and helpful people I know.”Niki Barta

“Kristian is one of the most inspiring and helpful people I know. His personal and friendly emails always give me exactly what I need in any given situation – encouragement in more difficult times, just the right push of motivation when I need it, astonishing honesty about his own failures and difficulties, awesome recommendations for reading or watching films, but above all, his emails provide a real example that you can achieve anything as long as you work towards your goals every single day.”
– Niki Barta

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